“We had Bobber the clown come to an event with a large number of people with mental disabilities in the audience. Even in this challenging environment, the performance was excellent. Bobber was always on the audience’s level, responded to some requests for how best to adapt his presentation for this unique audience, and still engaged with them personally and interacted well with several who came up as volunteers to participate in the act. Everyone enjoyed the show and left feeling very entertained.”
—Ryan B.

“Thank you so very much for making my aunt birthday so very special for me. I especially was thrilled because it meant the world to me because I was a world away literally and knew that she was aware how much she meant to me. Not only was her day made but her whole office enjoyed the day. You are for sure the best entertainment around and will hear from us again. Thank you so much.”
—Shannon G.

“Dear Ernie (Bobber),
We just wanted to thank you for the amazing show you put on for our 4th graders this week. It was wonderful. The students were so engaged in and entertained by everything you did. Even we adults were transfixed!! It was age appropriate, entertaining, clever and fun. The students (all 65 of them) LOVED it and so did we!! We will certainly remember to use you again. We still want to know how you did the cookie trick!! Everything was wonderful and we really appreciated your program. Thank you!”
—Jan Davis and Kelly Shorts at Holbrook Elementary

“Kids and parents LOVED Ernie Flynn. He was professional, talented, and accommodating. He deserves a gold star rating in every area!”
—Mary Jo “MJ” Baresh

“Ernie was fantastic! He arrived on time and entertained approximately 30 children for 2 hours. We hired him to twist balloons for our reunion; he did that and so much more. He told jokes, performed magic tricks, came dressed as a clown and let the kids get in line time and time again. I would highly recommend Ernie for any event!”
—Lora S.

“Ernie was on time and very professional. The family that I booked him for was so very pleased with him. The kids did not want him to go. Overall we were all very happy with the decision to go with Ernie. We will definitely keep him in mind for next time.”
—Patricia C.

“Ernie came to our pool party at Eagles Landing Apartments and made our jobs so easy. He entertained and kept the party upbeat as well as keeping the kids occupied so we could make sure food was served properly. It was on time and professional when he needed to be. I would highly recommend him for any party and plan to use him for our Christmas party this year!”
—Wendy P.

“Ernie was great and very accomodating to our party. We had about 20 kids at my Son’s birthday party. Ernie arrived in a clown suit without his face painted (as requested). Ernie is a very talented balloon artist and made balloon animals and such for everyone who requested. He probably made over 100 different balloon figures in less than 2 hrs, AMAZING! He also put on a great magic show for the kids which included a special surprise for our birthday boy. THANKS ERNIE, WE LOVE YA!”
—Brian B.

“The clown was Awesome!!! Entertaining to the kids and just fit in perfectly with all he had to offer.”
—Tania O.

“The kids loved Ernie’s performance. He kept them laughing the whole time. He also stayed and made sure every single child got a balloon he tied specially for them.”
—Wendy D.

“Ernie did a great job, We couldn’t have asked for more. He arrived on time and did a incredible job. Many of the kids that attended the show have asked for his phone number for their own parties. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks Bobber!”
—Happy Customer